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As a service around our components, apparatuses and units we can offer:

ENGINEERING & DOCUMENTATIONThe Engineering covers the especially for the glass apparatus design developed 2D- or 3D-CAD tools and corresponding documentation by our experienced Engineering-Team. A customer and process specifical and individual Engineering und Design is a key philosophy of NORMAG, in order to design an optimized unit for our customers. As an option NORMAG can provide specific engineering support for corrosions resistant engineering projects, starting from the process design up to the start-up of the process unit.
AUTOMATION & PROCESS DATA EVALUATIONBeside the glass and corrosion resistant specific Engineering we can provide with our sister company corosys a specific Know-How for automation and process data evaluation.
FAT / PROCESS VALIDATIONTo validate new developed processes or process ideas we can provide our customers the testing of these processes or process steps within a FAT or in advance of the Engineering in our central site in Ilmenau.
FITTER / ASSEMBLYOur well experienced glass fitters do typically preassemble the apparatuses and units in our central site Ilmenau. Resulting from this we can reduce the time for assembly at customers site.
For the assembly at customers site a network has been developed for many regions and countries with local glass fitters. These glass fitters are trained and used with NORMAG glass components and do work closely with our assembly master. Due to these cooperations a well coordinated assembly and a local service with short reaction times is ensured.
REVIEW AND MAINTENANCE OF GLASS UNITSFor the protective maintenance of glass units and for the analysis and evaluation of damages NORMAG provides reviews and maintenance of glass units.

The following services can be provided:
  • wall thickness measurements of glass components at customers site including documentation and certification
  • optical review of glass components, connections and safety devices at customers site
  • analysis and evaluation of damages of glass components
  • Testing of required revamping of existing glass units according ATEX- and especially electrostatic requirements
  • Testing of required revamping of existing glass units according CE-machinery directive
TRAINING GLASS AND GLASS ASSEMBLYWe offer our customers specific training according the material glass, the handling and assembly of glass components, apparatuses and units at customers site and a typical glass unit from the customer.

The following services can be provided:
  • introduction of the material glass
  • glass components and apparatuses
  • assembly of glass
  • directives and guidelines for glass
  • preventive maintenance
  • review and training at a customers plant
Don't hesitate to contact us in case of questions or additional requirements.